Israel's dilemmas

Israel is going through some tough times, facing challenges at home and abroad. Learn more about the issues, ask your questions and have your say about how Israel should approach them.

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Israel Seminars presents unique, lively, innovative, interactive discussion programs about issues in
Israeli Current Affairs and "Essential Israel" programming throughout North America, the UK, Israel and the Jewish world.

Israel Seminars programs are available for synagogue, community, JCC, JCRC and Federation audiences, and for college campus & high-school students

Israel Seminars is an independent educational initiative with no political agenda



Israel's dilemmas

Israel is going through some tough times, facing challenges at home and abroad. Learn more about the issues, ask your questions and have your say about how Israel should approach them.


One-Day Israel University

A full day of varied, lively Israel programming.Israel Seminars can plan with you a day for your community, offering everyone the opportunity to learn about Israel.


A Conversation about Israel and Gaza

A conversation starting with IDF Operation Protective Edge. Discuss recent events and how they are portrayed outside & inside Israel with a Gaza border community resident.


Israel Seminars Musical History Tour

Explore Israel's history through Israeli popular music. Map out how Israeli society changed over the years. Discuss Israel's history and get to know some important examples of Israeli music.


Israel's Settlements: Building Blocks?

Israel Seminars program confronts Israel’s most controversial and divisive subject of policy - the settlements. Israel Seminars is an educational organization with no political agenda.


Café Dilemma

Café Dilemma provides a great setting to tackle complex issues in a comfortable setting. Participants get to express their opinions in intimate groups – we plan the topics together according to your needs and interests.


Graphic Zionism!

Looking at posters, symbols and graphics spanning over a century, we discuss the Zionist movement's historic & modern messages, outlook & goals, and consider what Zionism should look like today.


Israel's Historic Dilemmas

Israel's Historic Dilemmas: An original approach to considering Israel's history – how would we confront some of the major challenges faced by Israel in its first six decades?


The Secret Life of Kibbutznikim

This program takes a brief look at the contribution of the kibbutz to Israel, considers its ideology, and explores some of the challenges facing the collective community in the 21st century.


The Big Questions

What will the Jewish People look like in 20 years, in the 2030's? How do we ensure a secure, flourishing future? Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the prospects of the Jewish People? What's our plan?


Israel: Jewish Democratic State?

Israel Seminars' lively discussion program explores some landmark cases from the past and looks at recent events to re-examine the future of Israel as a Jewish Democratic State.


Prisoner exchange at any price?

Israel Seminars' interactive discussion program explores a perennial problem - the highly emotive issue of prisoner exchange, examining some of the most compelling and intense moral dilemmas faced by the Jewish people, the Israeli


Israel Elections 2015

The parties and the players, issues and opinions, winners and losers. What's on Israel's agenda? What do the parties stand for? Who's who? Understand Israel's general elections 2015.


Gaza Gameplan

A lively, interactive discussion program exploring life in the shadow of the missiles;the background and context; alternative future military and defense strategies.


Israel's Declaration of Independence

There are few times in a nation’s history when it raises its head above day-to-day affairs and sets down, in black and white, a landmark document articulating its hopes and vision for the future.


Israel Topical Top Five

Israel Seminars presents the top five topics on Israel's agenda. After hearing a taste of each topic - the audience chooses which subjects to discuss in depth.


Israeli Politics in 90 Minutes

Israeli politics is always dynamic and dramatic. The latest update and analysis straight from Israel presented with a clear explanation of the Israeli political system.


Qassamba: Movie Screening & Discussion

Qassamba is a film written and directed by Yair Orbach, a student at Sapir College near Sderot. The movie uses black humor to raise many questions about life in the shadows of the Qassam missiles.


How my Grandparents' Wedding Sparked a Pogrom

You don't have to be Irish to enjoy this colorful true story of Jews on the Emerald Isle.The history of the Jewish community in Ireland is uniquely calm and peaceful, with one exception, known as the Limerick pogrom of


Jewish Family Names

Israel Seminars’ interactive program takes a look at the fascinating realm of Jewish names, and examines how we can use our own names as a personal guide to Jewish culture and history.


Israel Book Club

Passionate about reading about Israel? We build a program with you, recommend books, provide a reading guide and in Israel Seminars' discussion program we will open a unique conversation with your audience.


Israel 101

A beginner's guide to Israeli society and politics, geography and history.A general introduction providing vital background to understanding current events in Israel.


Israel Update

Direct to you from Israel: the latest news and analysis, with background and long-term consequences of Israel's current affairs. Israel Seminars highlights the issues that interest you.


Custom made programs

Israel Seminars is always ready to build original, tailor-made Israel programming, together with you, according to the interests and requirements of your audience.