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Israel's Settlements: Building Blocks?

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Israel Seminars program confronts Israel’s most controversial and divisive subject of policy - the settlements. 

Israel Seminars is an educational organization with no political agenda.

Israel's left says that settlement building blocks the path to peace.

Israel's right sees the settlements as the basic building blocks of Israel
and the entire Zionist endeavor.

Will the compromise be building blocks of large Jewish settlements
and evacuating smaller ones?

Israel Seminars confronts and deliberates about Israel’s most controversial subject of policy.

This interactive discussion program presents a wide range of views, bringing different viewpoints and aspects, to allow participants to deepen their knowledge and understanding of all the issues and opinions in Israel's hottest public debate.
Join the conversation!
Israel Seminars' program focuses on Israel's settlements and allows for an open, informed debate on the central issue on Israel's agenda, so crucial to relations with the United States.

What is the status of the settlements?

What makes them legal or illegal?

Confront a wide range of issues and opinions and different facets of the debate.

Question and clarify, explore and examine, deliberate and discuss the subject in a relaxed atmosphere.

Israel Seminars is an independent educational initiative with no political agenda.

Participants' comments:

“Excellent exercise. It must be repeated in every Jewish community in the US.”
Ron K., Sacramento, CA

“I learned much more about the geographical and political aspects of the conflict. I liked the role playing – it definitely helped in my understanding”
Participant, Katonah, NY

“The evening was informative and interesting. The balanced presentation of material was educational. An excellent class.”
Susan Leff, Director University of Vermont Hillel, Burlington, VT

“This was a wonderfully balanced presentation. It challenged some of my stereotypes. But mostly it was nice to be in a place where more than one “side” was presented civilly in the same room!”
Gary S., Essex Junction, VT

“I thought that the ‘case study’ approach, presenting the complexity of the various issues at stake regarding settlements, was an excellent presentation device. It helped to minimize the passion expressed over what are very controversial & divisive issues.”
Betsy R., Bryn Mawr, PA

“The format was creative, not one-sided & opened up many of the ongoing problems to deep thought. There’s nothing better than seeing problems through the eyes of those involved.”
Bucky D., Burlington, VT

"Our synagogue’s members hold a wide range of political opinions about Israel, so we try to stay clear of controversial topics that could create community divisions. At the same time, we all recognize that we’re living in momentous times, and that as American Jews, we need to be informed and connected with Israel. Jeremy Maissel conducted a Beit Midrash workshop that perfectly met our members’ needs by facilitating discussion in a relaxed atmosphere, where people felt comfortable to express all viewpoints. His presentation was thoughtful and balanced, and explored many facts, issues and situations without an agenda. We have now hosted Jeremy twice, and look forward to welcoming him again to help us all gain a deeper, wider understanding of Israel’s dilemmas."
Peggy S., New York City

This program is suitable for:
Synagogue and community-wide audiences, JCC’s, JCRC’s, Israel action committees, Hillel and college student groups, 11-12th grade students at high schools or supplementary schools (religious schools etc.). Professional development sessions for lay leadership, Federation staff, teachers, educators & clergy. Men's clubs, Sisterhood and Hadassah groups, golden ager groups. No prior knowledge required.

Duration: 90 minutes

Program fees:
North America: $900 for single program or $1500 per day of programming (according to your schedule, this could be three, four or more engagements in one locality) plus local transportation and accommodation where applicable.
The presentation is also available as part of a Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat ($2000). Contact us for itinerary suggestions.
UK: £450 for single program, £750 for a full day of activities, £950 for Scholar-in-residence Shabbat plus local transport and accommodation where applicable.

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