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Gaza Gameplan

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A lively, interactive discussion program exploring life in the shadow of the missiles;
the background and context; alternative future military and defense strategies.

Israel Seminars' program brings you the latest update straight from the Gaza border.

What is the current situation in Gaza?

How should Israel respond to missile attacks on Gaza border communities and cities like Beer Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod and even Tel Aviv?
How can Israel address the threat of the terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel?
What pressure should Israel apply to Hamas to prevent the attacks?

The effectiveness of the IDF operation "Protective Edge" in achieving its goals.
Will this be just another periodic round of violence?
How does the success of the "Iron Dome" missile defense system affect the situation?

How is the conflict depicted in the media? Where can we find balanced coverage of events?
How have recent events affected Israel's international standing and media image?
What has changed since the "Arab spring" political upheaval in Egypt and the Arab world?

What are the current prospects for a lasting ceasefire and ultimately peace in the area?

Learn about the reality of life on the border, explore the dilemmas residents face.

The future is very unsure – what’s certain is that you will get the latest from Israel, find out what the Israeli public is thinking, understand the background and context, discuss Israel's options for the future, get answers to your questions and join the conversation.

In the program:

- Latest update on the situation direct from the area

- Background and context presented in multi-media presentations, video clips, maps, music and pictures

- Explore the moral dilemmas of everyday life in the shadow of the missiles

- Discuss Operation Protective Edge(July - August 2014)

- Consider peace prospects and alternative future defense and military strategies for Israel

- Time to ask questions and express your opinions

Participants' comments:

“Wonderful, clear and interesting presentation, beautifully spoken, knowledgeable with his subject, good choice of presenter.”
Natalie M., Mill Valley, CA

“Thank you for coming to speak to us. This is exactly what we need…to hear about the Israeli side which we don’t hear about in the news!”
Participant, San Rafael, CA

“It was extremely helpful in understanding what goes on in Gaza since we’re filtered about what really happens in the area”
Steve R., San Rafael, CA

“The program was interesting and very informative. It’s always valuable hearing views and experiences from one who is living in midst of events”
Talma S., Philadelphia, PA

“Today’s Israel Seminar was insightful to me because it detailed strong points in dealing with the Gaza situation. I also found valuable the everyday dilemmas and the solutions presented”
Francesca A., Yardley, PA

“The on-the-ground discussion of the Gaza situation. The moral dilemmas were also interesting – as were the participants’ reaction to each of them”
Sandy K., Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Very helpful to clarify the issues about the Gaza situation”
Participant, Huntingdon Valley, PA

“I thought the seminar was superb! It was well planned and designed to allow the students the knowledge to become more empathetic. I felt the kids’ pictures and 15 sec. video were very powerful for all.”
Shilly S., Horsham, PA

This program is suitable for:
Synagogue and community-wide audiences, JCC’s, JCRC’s, Israel action committees, Hillel and college student groups, 11-12th grade students at high schools or supplementary schools (religious schools etc.). Professional development sessions for lay leadership, Federation staff, teachers, educators & clergy. Men's clubs, Sisterhood and Hadassah groups, golden ager groups. No prior knowledge required.

Duration: 90 minutes

Program fees:
North America: $900 for single program or $1500 per day of programming (according to your schedule, this could be three, four or more engagements in one locality) plus local transportation and accommodation where applicable.
The presentation is also available as part of a Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat ($2000). Contact us for itinerary suggestions.
UK: £450 for single program, £750 for a full day of activities, £950 for Scholar-in-residence Shabbat plus local transport and accommodation where applicable.

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