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The Secret Life of Kibbutznikim

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This program takes a brief look at the contribution of the kibbutz to Israel, considers its ideology, and explores some of the challenges facing the collective community in the 21st century.

The Kibbutz movement celebrates over a hundred years!

The Kibbutz is a unique Israeli invention indivisibly intertwined in the history of modern Zionism and the State of Israel.

This program takes a brief look at the contribution of the kibbutz to Israel in its formative years, considers its ideology, and examines some of the fundamental changes that are taking place in the kibbutz movement.

Israel Seminars' program explores through innovative interactive techniques some of the questions that face kibbutzim in the 21st century, discusses their special approach to different aspects of life and society, and reveals the secret life of kibbutznikim! 

Photograph: Rafi Babian, Kibbutz Alumim

Participants' comments:

"It was an indispensable refresher and update regarding the position of modern kibbutz. The most interesting aspect was the give and take framed by posed questions / problem solving. Kudos!"
Participant, Wyncote, PA.

"Great program bringing back memories of my time on kibbutz / ulpan."
David S., Ambler, PA.

"Excellent idea to pass out cards to make the discussion interactive. I learned a great deal and found the speaker to be quite interesting."
Participant, Ft. Washington, PA.

"I came to support the Israel committee at Or Hadash, but I learned a lot about Israel's history and the socio-political influences over the past 100 years."
Beth A., Elkins Park, PA.

"This was primarily new information for me. Very interesting. Well organized presentation. Enjoyed the interactive component."
Participant, Ft. Washington, PA.

"Interesting – learned some new things about 21st century kibbutzim."
Mark G., Glenside, PA.

This program is suitable for:
Synagogue and community-wide audiences, JCC’s, JCRC’s, Israel action committees, Hillel and college student groups, 11-12th grade students at high schools or supplementary schools (religious schools etc.). Professional development sessions for lay leadership, Federation staff, teachers, educators & clergy. Men's clubs, Sisterhood and Hadassah groups, golden ager groups. No prior knowledge required.

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

Program fees:
North America: $900 for single program or $1500 per day of programming (according to your schedule, this could be three, four or more engagements in one locality) plus local transportation and accommodation where applicable.
The presentation is also available as part of a Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat ($2000). Contact us for itinerary suggestions.
UK: £450 for single program, £750 for a full day of activities, £950 for Scholar-in-residence Shabbat plus local transport and accommodation where applicable.

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