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Israel Elections 2015

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The parties and the players,
issues and opinions,
winners and losers. 
What's on Israel's agenda?
What do the parties stand for? 
Who's who? 
Understand Israel's general elections 2015.

Israel Elections 2015, Israel Seminars' interactive discussion program, maps out, clarifies and distinguishes between the platforms of the major political parties and players participating in the Israeli general elections 2015.

Using advanced interactive techniques and the most up to date information we will look at how the leaders of Israel envision their alternative futures for our Jewish state.

Israel Elections 2015 examines the Israeli electoral system. Find out the differences between a party, faction and list; discuss the electoral threshold and how minor parties holding the balance of power exert undue influence over major policy decisions.

Experience the negotiations essential to building a coalition required by every single government since Israel’s establishment in 1948.

The program grants its participants a deeper appreciation of the system, parties and players. Israel Seminars, with the latest developments and analysis direct from Israel, we will look at the coalition-forming process, discuss your opinions and answer your questions.

Israel Seminars provides an indispensable, comprehensive guide to
Israel's general elections 2015.

No prior knowledge required.

Israel Seminars is an independent educational initiative with no political agenda.


Israel Elections 2013

“This was great! I knew NOTHING about Israeli politics and I feel so much more in tune. Very interactive! and visual! Loved it.”
Alexandra N., Schenectady, NY, USA

“Excellent program - interactive superior to being lectured”
Lois S., Salt Lake City, UT, USA

"Took a very complicated subject & made it understandable and interesting."
Sandy G., Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

"In a short period of time, this program greatly increased my knowledge of the complex and volatile Israeli political system. The interactive aspect was key."
Henry M., Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

"Cogent summary of a complex political system"
Harriet K., Woodbury Heights, NJ, USA

"Fantastic! Interactive, clever, well run! I came without knowledge and now know enough for a serious discussion."
Markus R., West Hollywood, LA, USA

"Complex, however I learned a great deal. Fabulous learning experience."
Alene L., Chicago, IL, USA

"Explanation of process and parties and different philosophies"
Participant, Mt. Kisco, NY, USA

"I found the presentation extremely informative. It covered a lot of information in 1½ hrs. I now feel I have some understanding of the cast of characters, parties and the major platform issues upon which they stand."
Robin W., Lawrenceville, NJ, USA

"This is the first information that I have had regarding the Israeli electoral system. It was most helpful. Thank you."
Agnes G., Ashkelon, Israel

"Very well done, objective, very informative"
Participant, Jerusalem, Israel

"This was a most informative seminar about the forthcoming elections. It helped clarify the parties concerned and the electoral process. This is my first time voting having made Aliyah in 2010. Most grateful."
Lynn R., Hofit, Israel

"As a new arrival to Israel and with the coalition governments, I wanted to learn more. This was a great discussion led by a very knowledgeable expert. Very entertaining."
Donald S., Herzliya, Israel

"Very informative. Interesting way talk was conducted, including way the government will be formed, the various party policies, etc. Given me a better idea for whom I'll vote."
Participant, Ra'anana, Israel

"Unbiased and clear. I came away with an opinion of who I want to vote for. Lecturer made it fun and interactive."
Participant, Modi'in, Israel

"This was a very interesting seminar. I came into this night knowing almost nothing about Israeli politics. After this hour I feel much more comfortable with the issues and general overview of the process."
Andrew S., Oxford, UK

"Really clearly explained with diagrams & audience participation! Added much to my knowledge & given me a richer view & opinion of Israeli politics – feel more confident now!"
Georgia L., Birmingham, UK

"Very informative about the current election results, the programmes of the parties, and the possible coalitions, interactive and thought provoking."
Participant, London, UK

"A most complex political scene made understandable with an intelligent use of graphics and role-play. This is one seminar that anyone interested in Israeli politics should make sure they attend."
Jeff O., East Barnet, Herts, UK

Israel Elections 2009

“Program was interesting, informative, stimulating. Took a complicated, complex topic of Israeli elections/parties and broke it down to a simple explanation and understanding. Jeremy was excellent”

Linda and Irwin M., Mundelein, IL


“Subject was cleverly presented and involved all attendees in seminar. Fun and very informative about an important and complicated subject which was made more understandable.”

Iris L., Schererville, IN


“Remarkable presentation which explains Israeli parties and politics in 90 minutes. I was very impressed that a subject that is so complex could be simplified and humanized”

Bob M., Highwood, IL


“Excellent program. Very well organized. Presented in enjoyable manner. Very timely with elections coming soon. Handout was excellent. A+++”

Darryl R. L., Schererville, IN


“Really helped explain this complicated process of parties & coalitions. I didn’t understand it before & now I have a much better understanding of leaders & party stands on issues.”

Gloria P., Charlotte, NC

"Excellent truly! Goals were obvious, methodology well planned, constructed and achieved. Groups were attentive and actively involved. From every viewpoint in terms of content and context, so very well done."
Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein, Director of BeYachad: Bringing Best Educational Practices and Jewish Education Together, Philadelphia, PA
For full page of "Israel Elections 2009" participant evaluations click here.

Election Reflections 2006

"Outstanding! This program was exactly what I needed to help me through the maze of Israeli politics. The visuals and interactive learning were phenomenal. I got more in one evening with Jeremy Maissel than I could have with a pile of books, magazines and news shows! Really outstanding!"

Lynne E., Atlanta, GA


"As a politically perplexed Jewish American, Jeremy helped me to understand the politics in Israel. This was very informative. Jeremy is a wonderful speaker and very knowledgeable in politics”

Helene C., Jericho, NY


“Excellent program!! Gave us some insight into how the complex electoral system in Israel works. Will help us follow & understand the implications of the election and how this will affect the future of Israel & the Jewish people.”

Allan B., Jericho, NY

This program is suitable for:
Synagogue and community-wide audiences, JCC’s, JCRC’s, Israel action committees, Hillel and college student groups, 11-12th grade students at high schools or supplementary schools (religious schools etc.). Professional development sessions for lay leadership, Federation staff, teachers, educators & clergy. Men's clubs, Sisterhood and Hadassah groups, golden ager groups. No prior knowledge required.

Duration: 90 minutes

Program fees:
North America: $900 for single program or $1500 per day of programming (according to your schedule, this could be three, four or more engagements in one locality) plus local transportation and accommodation where applicable.
The presentation is also available as part of a Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat ($2000). Contact us for itinerary suggestions.
UK: £450 for single program, £750 for a full day of activities, £950 for Scholar-in-residence Shabbat plus local transport and accommodation where applicable.

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