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A Conversation about Israel and Gaza

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A conversation starting with IDF Operation Protective Edge. Discuss recent events and how they are portrayed outside & inside Israel with a Gaza border community resident.

Israel Seminars' discussion program is presented by Jeremy Maissel, a resident of Kibbutz Alumim – a Gaza border community. This program opens with a conversation about IDF Operation Protective Edge in Gaza in the summer of 2014.

Learn about the context and background to this recent round of violence, discuss how recent events are portrayed outside and inside Israel and take the opportunity for a thoughtful conversation in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

During the session I will:

• Consider the way the war and continuing conflict is depicted and perceived in Israel and in the world. Fire kites and incendiary balloons - how were they publicized?
• Share some of my thoughts and first hand personal experiences direct from the Gaza border
• Show video of Kibbutz Alumim during Operation Protective Edge
• Discuss some of the dilemmas faced by residents with active audience participation
• Suggest five essential points for understanding the context of the Gaza conflict and forecast possible future scenarios

The program is very participatory and will provide opportunities to ask your questions and express your opinions.

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Participants' comments:

"I came because of my concern for Israel and the world's reaction to the Gaza War. Jeremy is an amazingly good communicator of Israel's perspective. I only wish that all the world would listen to him."
Mattye S., Charlotte, NC

"It brought it close to home."
Amalia, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for coming to share your experiences with the community."
Participant, Charlotte, NC

"Have visited several times, many connections. The five principles were helpful in understanding the barriers to a way forward but also to understand a perspective on Israel's ethics of restraint."
Ken F., Madison, WI

"The program brought home the plight of Israelis living under constant threat of attack. It was well presented and allowed for diversity of thought and opinions."
Joanna B., Verona, WI

"Excellent presentation."
Moshe Y., Madison, WI

"I was most impressed by the calm, measured remarks that harkened back to the inherent values of Judaism. The visuals and the perspective offered were very enlightening and moving."
Joan G., Plainsboro, NJ

"I learned so much about the Israeli conflict from last summer. Thanks you for coming."
Annette H., Monmouth Junction, NJ

"I though the program was excellent. Very well presented and informative."
Participant, Trenton, NJ

This program is suitable for:
Synagogue and community-wide audiences, JCC’s, JCRC’s, Israel action committees, Hillel and college student groups, 11-12th grade students at high schools or supplementary schools (religious schools etc.). Professional development sessions for lay leadership, Federation staff, teachers, educators & clergy. Men's clubs, Sisterhood and Hadassah groups, golden ager groups. No prior knowledge required.

Duration: 90 minutes

Program fees:
North America: $900 for single program or $1500 per day of programming (according to your schedule, this could be three, four or more engagements in one locality) plus local transportation and accommodation where applicable.
The presentation is also available as part of a Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat ($2000). Contact us for itinerary suggestions.
UK Fees: £450 for single program, £750 for a full day of activities, £950 for Scholar-in-residence Shabbat plus local transport and accommodation where applicable.

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