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What is an interactive discussion program?
Instead of booking a conventional lecture, with questions and answers at the end, try an Israel Seminars interactive discussion program.
The contents is presented using a wide variety of discussion techniques which actively involve the participants. Everyone has a chance to become actively involved, with lots of opportunities for participants to ask their own questions and get their own point across.
Every program uses different techniques or combinations of techniques such as role play, small group discussions, voting and multi-media presentations. This ensures that all our sessions are lively and entertaining, informative and educational.
All our programs require minimal prior knowledge. The discussions are suitable for all audiences - from junior high school to golden agers, making sure that everyone has a meaningful personal experience.
Contact us and tell us about your audience to get specific advice about which programs would be best for you.
How do I book a program?

1. Contact us and tell us which dates and which programs you are interested in.

2. We are always interested to hear about your audiences and can advise and help you decide which programs would be best for your audiences' interests and needs. We can build together whole day seminars for schools, synagogues and communties and send you sample itineraries of Shabbat scholar-in-residence programs.

3. Once we have set dates and programs, we will send you an agreement to formalize all the details - you check that, sign it and return it to us.

That's it!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

What technical requirements will I need to provide for the programs?

A full set of technical requirements for our programs are available here.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions.

What age are Israel Seminars programs suitable for?
As a general rule, Israel Seminars programs are created for adult audiences.
Thus, they are suitable to all college student and synagogue or community audiences and golden agers.
Almost all the programs have high-school versions and some have versions suitable for eighth grade upwards.

If you are interested in programming for younger audiences - contact us, we can discuss your audience and program options.
Which audiences do you cater for?

Audience ideas

• Synagogue audiences & synagogue groups: Israel action committees, Religious schools, Men's clubs, Sisterhood and Hadassah groups, golden agers.

• Community-wide groups & JCC's

• JCRC’s: Jewish Community Relations Committees

• Hillel and college student groups

• 11-12th grade students at high schools or supplementary schools (religious schools etc.)

• Professional development sessions for lay leadership, federation staff, teachers or clergy.

• Parlor meetings, Breakfast Briefings & Lunch Briefings - meetings for businessmen/women, fundraisers & major donor events

• Lunch & Learn sessions

• Interfaith meetings

• Individual/small group briefings for fundraising solicitations.

• Educational Consultancy: Building Israel Education Curriculum with Education Directors, Rabbis, Principals, Teachers, Educators -individual and groups sessions available

How much will my event cost?

The cost of your event is made up of three elements – program fee, transportation and accommodation.

Program fees:

North America:

$500 for a single program
$1000 for each whole day of programming (this could be three, four or more programs per day, depending on your schedule)
or $1600 for a Scholar-in-residence Shabbat program – a full program for all sectors of the community throughout the whole Shabbat.
£300 for a single programme
£500 for each whole day of programming
£800 for a Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat programme

Domestic transportation from the previous engagement.
This could include flights, rail, car rental, taxi fares, etc. 
We spend some time searching websites such as kayak.com and priceline.com to find the best deals.

Hotel accommodation or home hospitality is fine - whichever is best for you.

Can we share the cost of a day of programming?
Sharing or splitting the costs of a day of programming or co-sponsoring programs is a great idea and benefits everyone. Not only does it significantly reduce the price per program, it also means you can share other costs such as transportation and accommodation.
Below are two example itineraries:

Early morning High school program 11th graders

Mid morning 

High school program 12th graders
Lunch Lunch briefing for business men/women or Young Adult Division
Afternoon Professional development session for educators or Federation staff
Evening Synagogue audience

Early morning Breakfast briefing for major donors

Mid morning

Presentation for Rabbis, lay leadership
Lunch Lunch & learn with college students
Afternoon Interfaith meeting
Evening Large communal event

If we take this sample itinerary, the program fees of $1000 per day works out as $200 per program. As mentioned above, the transportation and accommodation costs (where applicable) would be split between several groups.
The costs and logistics are much better for everyone.
Single, two or three day programs have been arranged in the past by Federations, Jewish Community Relations Committees, Israeli emissaries (Shlichim) and college student coordinators.
Israel Seminars is happy to help with advice and with practical help in recruiting partners.
Please get in touch with the best dates for your community.
Do you have programs for college students?
Our full range of programs are available for college students at Hillel events or on campus.
Click here for more details and contact us to talk about the best programs for your student audiences.