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Feedback: Israel Elections 2009

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Feedback: Israel Elections 2009


“Program was interesting, informative, stimulating. Took a complicated, complex topic of Israeli elections/parties and broke it down to a simple explanation and understanding. Jeremy was excellent”

Linda and Irwin M., Mundelein, IL


“Subject was cleverly presented and involved all attendees in seminar. Fun and very informative about an important and complicated subject which was made more understandable.”

Iris L., Schererville, IN


“Remarkable presentation which explains Israeli parties and politics in 90 minutes. I was very impressed that a subject that is so complex could be simplified and humanized”

Bob M., Highwood, IL


“Excellent program. Very well organized. Presented in enjoyable manner. Very timely with elections coming soon. Handout was excellent. A+++”

Darryl R. L., Schererville, IN


“Really helped explain this complicated process of parties & coalitions. I didn’t understand it before & now I have a much better understanding of leaders & party stands on issues.”

Gloria P., Charlotte, NC


“Excellent presentation. I learned much about your electoral process”

Fred L., Highland Park, IL


“Excellent presentation – very informative”

Sam F., Charlotte, NC


“Excellent program. Visual aids & active participation by audience made complex issues of Israel elections much more understandable.”

Barbara W., Munster, IN


“I never really understood how the Israeli government works. I now have a very clear understanding of this process. Thank you for enlightening me!”

Ina Beth M., Highwood, IL


“It was an excellent presentation and I learned a great deal”

Ellen G., West Bloomfied, MI


“Very interesting and informative”

Edith & Jack H., Buffalo Grove, IL


“Cleared up a lot of confusion! Good group activity – hands on – interactive”

Abby A., Skokie, IL


“Very well done, gave me much more insight into smaller political parties. Better understanding of how election is conducted.”

Participant, Munster, IN


“Very interesting – a novel way to present a complicated topic”

Participant, Beachwood, OH


“For the first time, I think I understand the election process in Israel, especially the reasons for the many parties. I am grateful for the information presented by the speaker”

Participant, Highland Park, IL


“A great interactive experience. Have a better understanding of the political process, who the parties are, and their platforms. The diversity of needs and attitudes of the citizens is now more clear.”

Participant, Wilmette, IL


“The presentation held my attention and made much clearer the confusing elections and politics in Israel”

Shelly B., Wilmette, IL


“Very informative, like the way the information was presented. Increased my knowledge tremendously”

Participant, Farmington Hills, MI


“Great methodology – participation. Shows Israel’s needs & trends re. elections”

Sheila F., Chicago, IL


“Help give us an understanding of the politically voting & procedures”

Participant, Libertyville, IL


“Good & very clever & clear presentation”

Participant, Jerusalem, Israel


"ההרצאה היתה ממצה אוביקטיבית ועיניינית. היה שיתוף מלא של הנוכחים. מורגש שהיתה השקעה רבה בהכנת ההרצאה. למרות היותי ישראלית ומודעת לנושא, ההרצאה עיניינה אותי ונהנתי מאוד. כל הכבוד!" גליה טל, קרית גת

(“The presentation was wide-ranging, objective and to the point. All the audience participated. A lot of work went into preparations for the presentation. Although I am Israeli and know the subject, the presentation interested me and I really enjoyed it. Kol Hakavod – Well done!”)

Galia T., Kiryat Gat, Israel