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Kibbutz AlumimIsrael Seminars is based on Kibbutz Alumim, in the South of Israel, in the North-western area of the Negev region.

What we do:

We present cutting-edge interactive programming about current affairs in Israel and the Jewish world:

  • Programming in North America, UK & other English-speaking Jewish communities
  • Residential seminars and programming on Kibbutz Alumim, Israel
  • Local tours to meet the people and see the places
  • Sessions for groups, delegations and missions visiting Israel in your hotel or other venues

Our mission:

  • to allow a greater understanding of Israeli current affairs through lively, challenging,interactive programming
  • to encourage participants to consider, confront and contend with the issues, dilemmas and questions thrown up by current events in Israel and the Jewish world

What we believe in:

  • Presenting programs that are lively and fun, entertaining and informative; learning is an exciting, challenging and fulfilling experience
  • Effective learning is an active process, we avoid frontal lectures
  • We proudly support Israel and its unique situation as a Jewish Democratic State
  • We have no political agenda; our aim as an educational organization is to provide information, to throw light on the issues and opinions, to characterize the parties and the players to allow participants to arrive at their own conclusions
  • We don't want or expect to change people's opinions, but we would hope that after experiencing our programs that their opinion is better informed, that they come to their conclusions from a deeper appreciation of the background, the colors and textures of the issues, and a broader understanding of the consequences of different viewpoints
  • We see Israel engagement as an essential part in defining and enhancing our Jewish identity.