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Israel Seminars


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Israel Seminars presents unique, lively, innovative, interactive discussion programs about
issues in Israeli current affairs, and "Essential Israel" programming,
operating throughout North America, the UK, Israel and the Jewish world.


Program ideas

Innovative interactive discussion programs for your audiences

Israel's Contemporary Dilemmas


Israel is going through some tough times, facing challenges at home and abroad.
Learn more about the issues, ask your questions and have your say about how Israel should approach them.

One-Day Israel University


A full day of varied, lively Israel programming.
Israel Seminars can plan, together with you, a day for your community, offering everyone the opportunity to learn about Israel.

Israel Seminars Musical History Tour

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Explore Israel's history through Israeli popular music.
Map out how Israeli society changed over the years.
Discuss Israel's history and get to know some important examples of Israeli music.

The Secret Life of Kibbutznikim

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This program takes a brief look at the contribution of the kibbutz to Israel, considers its ideology, and explores some of the challenges and dilemmas facing this uniquely Israeli collective community in the 21st century.

The BIG Questions

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What will the Jewish People look like in the 2040s or 2050s?
How do we ensure a stable, secure, flourishing future?
Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the prospects of the Jewish People?
What's our plan?

Graphic Zionism!

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Looking at posters, symbols and graphics spanning over a century, we discuss the Zionist movement's historic and modern messages, outlook and goals, and consider what Zionism should look like today and in the future.

A Conversation about Israel and Gaza

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Israel and Gaza: Discuss recent events and how they are portrayed outside & inside Israel with a Gaza border community resident.
Israel Seminars' discussion program is presented by Dr. Jeremy Maissel, a resident of Kibbutz Alumim – a Gaza border community.

Israel's Historic Dilemmas


An original approach to considering Israel's history – how would we confront some of the major challenges faced by Israel in its first seven decades?
Using innovative, interactive techniques, participants examine some significant dilemmas that topped Israel's agenda from formative years, right up to contemporary times.

How my Grandparents' Wedding Sparked a Pogrom

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You don't have to be Irish to enjoy this colorful true story of Jews on the Emerald Isle, told through a personal perspective.
The history of the Jewish community in Ireland is uniquely calm and peaceful, with one exception, known as the Limerick pogrom of 1904.

Israel's Declaration of Independence


There are few times in a nation’s history when it raises its head above day-to-day affairs and sets down, in black and white, a landmark document articulating its hopes and vision for the future.

Café Dilemma


Café Dilemma provides a great setting to tackle complex issues in a comfortable setting. Participants get to express their opinions in intimate groups – we plan the topics together according to your needs and interests.

Jewish Family Names

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Israel Seminars’ interactive program takes a look at the fascinating realm of Jewish names, and examines how we can use our own names as a personal guide to Jewish culture and history.

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Audience ideas



Synagogue audiences & synagogue groups: Israel action committees, Religious schools, Men's clubs, Sisterhood and Hadassah groups, golden agers.


Community-wide groups
Jewish Federations
Jewish Community Centers
Jewish Community Relations Committees (JCRCs), UJA, UJIA and JNF groups


University and college lectures and seminars,
Hillel and college student groups

Taglit Birthright Israel groups

High school

11-12th grade students at high schools or supplementary schools (religious schools)
Youth groups and teen leadership programs


Interfaith meetings


Parlor meetings, breakfast briefings & lunch briefings - meetings for businessmen/women, fundraisers & major donor events

Lunch & learn

Lunch & Learn sessions for businessmen/women, community professionals, students, golden agers


Individual/small group briefings for fundraising solicitations

Professional development

Professional development sessions for lay leadership, federation staff, teachers, educators and clergy.

Educational consultancy

Educational Consultancy: Building Jewish and Israel education curricula with education directors, rabbis, principals, teachers, educators - individual and group sessions 

Programs & seminars

Single and double sessions,
Half- and full-day seminars,
One-Day Israel University,
Shabbat Scholar-In-Residence,
Retreats, weekends and multi-day communal programs

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