About us

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What we do:

Israel Seminars presents cutting-edge interactive programming about current affairs in Israel and the Jewish world:

  • Programming in North America, UK & other English-speaking Jewish communities

  • Residential seminars and programming on Kibbutz Alumim, Israel

  • Local tours to meet the people and see the places

  • Sessions for groups, delegations and missions visiting Israel in your hotel or other venues

Our mission:

  • to allow a greater understanding of Israeli current affairs through lively, challenging, interactive programming

  • to encourage participants to consider, confront and contend with issues, dilemmas and questions concerning Israel and the Jewish world

We believe in:

  • Presenting programs that are lively and fun, entertaining and informative; learning is an exciting, challenging and fulfilling experience

  • Effective learning is an active process, we avoid frontal lectures

  • We proudly support Israel as a Jewish democratic state

  • We have no political affiliation; our aim is to provide balanced information, highlight the issues and opinions, characterize the parties and  players, and allow participants to arrive at their own, better informed, conclusions

  • Israel as an essential part in defining and enhancing Jewish identity.


Jeremy Maissel PhD

Dr. Jeremy Maissel, originally from London, England, came to live in Israel in 1984. In his youth Jeremy was active in the Bnei Akiva Movement.

He worked as Bnei Akiva National Educational Director before making aliyah to Kibbutz Alumim, in Southern Israel, where he is a member to this day, with his wife, Debbie and four children.

Over the years Jeremy coordinated activities, educational seminars and year schemes for Israeli and overseas youth groups.

He worked for "The Michael Method" (a unique Israeli educational project that enables individuals to fulfill their potential), in many roles, eventually rising to become National Meetings Director and International Programs Director.

Jeremy spent several years as Senior Educator in the Overseas Department of Melitz - Centers for Jewish-Zionist Education.

Jeremy currently runs the website of the religious kibbutz movement (HaKibbutz HaDati) and is a member of the movement's executive forum.
Jeremy's doctoral research, in the field of curriculum, examined factors resulting in successes and failures in experiential informal Jewish education.

Jeremy has a B.A. honors degree in Philosophy from the University of Manchester, UK and an M.A. in Jewish Education from the Touro College Graduate School of Jewish Studies. Jeremy received his doctorate from the University of Haifa where he is currently Research Fellow in the Center for Jewish and Democratic Education. 

Jeremy has presented hundreds of programs in Israel, North America and the UK and writes on a wide range of topics, including numerous articles for the Op-ed pages of The Jerusalem Post.

As an informal educator, Jeremy is passionately dedicated to Jewish and Israel education.

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